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  -  Monday through Friday 10AM - 6PM

As primarily an orthopedic massage therapist, I use the techniques I feel will best help people achieve their goals.

My clients include students and professionals who have demanding and stress filled jobs or class schedules. I also see people who have work or sport related injuries, including 'weekend warriors' who perhaps demanded a bit more of their body than it was ready to perform.  

 different Massage Techniques depending on the presenting situation

These include :

Deep Swedish Massage

-   This is the kneading/gliding motions that most people think of when they think of receiving a relaxing massage. I use Swedish in between other techniques that target the problem.

Soft Tissue Release

- a sports massage technique is used in nearly all massages where the client has contracted muscle tissue, especially in the extremities, hips or shoulders.  This technique is great for quads, hamstrings, plantar fascia, gluteals, or trapezius muscles.

Myofacial Release and Neuromuscular work specifically -Enertropic Therapy

  Enertropic is used specifically for pain relief to change how the brain reacts to stimulus in the musculature.  It can be very effective tho is sometimes uncomfortable for a short time.  It creates a relaxation response from the body in a targeted area which may or may not be in the area the client is experiencing the pain.  It is  somewhat like using reflexology and trigger points at the same time tho the 'map' is different.  Myofacial release is more of a physical way to stretch the fascia but using Enertropics greatly enhances the speed in which I achieve results.

Joseph B. Stephenson's - Creative Healing

- A nearly forgotten type of bodywork developed by Stephenson in the 1930 - 50's.  It has specific treatments for common ailments like digestive problems, sinus headaches and sciatica.  Creative Healing is generally very gentle and works with the circulatory and nervous system more than the muscles.  I am able to address different problems with Creative Healing that does not generally respond to massage.

Creative Healing is great for conditions such as migraines, digestive upset, shortness of breath,  sciatic pain, prenatal massage, geriatric massage.

I have been doing and teaching Creative Healing since 2000 and am one of the few massage therapists in the world certified to teach this work.


My background as an instructor


I began teaching Enertropic Therapy in 1997 to the local population in Harrison, Arkansas.  In these classes I had the pleasure to also teach nurses and chiropractors.  In 2002 I received my massage instructors license and certified Enertropic Therapy for Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists in Arkansas.

To date I've taught at Northwest Arkansas School of Massage - Fayetteville, AR - massage and anatomy 2000 - 2002
Northwest Arkansas School of Massage - Eureka Springs, AR - Swedish massage  2004
Blue Cliff College - Fayetteville, AR - palpatory anatomy  2010

I also teach Continuing Education classes for massage therapists and have several classes approved by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy and the National Certification Board of Massage and Bodywork. 

For more information on my Continuing Education Classes click here.

Does this client look comfortable?

 Do you notice the difference in her feet?

So why in a relaxed position would her feet not be straight?

This is what I feel makes doing bodywork a never ending fascination to me.

I want to know.  Sometimes the answer is simple, other times its more of a challenge.
I love to teach people who are willing and ready to help others.  I make sure my classes are informative, useful and immediately applicable for all my students

If you are someone who wants to help your family and friends or a professional therapist who works with clients on a full time basis.  I have classes that you can use.

My students are massage therapists who want to renew their license or become certified in one of my classes.  I do feel however that anyone with a desire to help others can learn some bodywork to help their family and friends.  That is why I offer classes open to anyone.   I offer classes in massage, Creative Healing, reinventing healthcare through doTERRA's essential oils, and the oils of the Bible.

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